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The Opening Roof Specialists Product Range


Choose either the Eclipse Alfresco Opening Roof with woodgrain option or the Eclipse Classic Opening Roof. Combine our opening roofs with Chameleon Control technology.



Eclipse Classic

The Eclipse Classic Opening Roof developed over 20 years ago was the first louvre with a built-in gutter to channel rainwater. Its timeless design continues to impress. Read more.


Eclipse Alfresco

Our Eclipse Alfresco Opening Roof is a flat profile cousin to the classic louvre. The Alfresco has been engineered to span further than any other opening roof system in Australia. Read more.


Eclipse Alfresco Woodgrain

We have an exciting new woodgrain finish option available with the Eclipse Alfresco Opening Roof. Choose from Silky Oak, Australian Cedar and Casurina. Read more.

Chameleon Control


Just like a Chameleon this intelligent controller integrates with other technology such as smartphones (iPhone or Android), tablets, or home automation systems to get the most out of your Eclipse Opening Roof System. Read more.



Any shape or size is possible with the Eclipse!


The Eclipse Opening and Closing Roof can be designed as a stand-alone roofing structure - either free standing or attached to a building - or be incorporated into an existing structure. It can also be built as single sections or in multiple sections to cover large areas - the possibilities are almost limitless. View our image gallery featuring our latest projects.

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