The Boat Shed

  • Eclipse Classic Louvre - The Boat Shed - Custom Design
  • Eclipse Classic Louvre - The Boat Shed - Custom Design

Screen lifting to roof position

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Roof opening and closing - outside view

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Roof opening and closing - inside view

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Roof lowering into screen position

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Screen opening and closing

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The Boat Shed

Special architectural application (Australia's first dual-purpose Eclipse!)

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The owner of a water front boat villa was looking for an opening roof that could also be used as a vertical privacy and security screen. The Eclipse team designed, engineered and installed perhaps Australia’s first motor operable dual-purpose Eclipse Opening Roof/Security Screen System. 

Project Background
An innovative solution was required in order to meet client specifications for this original and creative project. An owner of a riverside boat villa approached our company seeking to develop a system that would serve as an opening roof when raised and a security screen once lowered. 

While simple in theory, the client soon realised no competitor felt confident enough to pull up their sleeves and materialise this creative vision. Fortunately, the client had a meeting with our team. 

Instead of immediately recommending the Eclipse, we took the time to listen and appreciate the clients bold design direction. We enjoy being stretched and challenged by complex and unique projects that require an exceptional degree of ingenuity and initiative. We saw this as an opportunity to shine.

The material was all pre-cut at our Milperra factory prior to delivery where it was assembled and integrated to complement the existing structure. To further complicate the brief, all materials had to be ferried to the site via barge. The system’s actuator motors were fitted after the Eclipse was built.

Our professional Eclipse experts engineered a hinged adjustable security screen electrically operated to open outwards to become a solid opening roof. The hinged, hydraulically supported mechanism was engineered to withstand high wind speeds and provide the owner with smooth and reliable operation.
The louvres were designed to rotate almost 180 degrees giving the owner the freedom to be in control of natural sunlight, rain and ventilation when the client was on premises, and the freedom to have an extra level of security when the client was away.

Soon, what was unthinkable became achievable and produced another satisfied Eclipse client. We were not only able to meet the unique brief but also enjoyed sharing the journey and reconnecting our client with the bold dream.

What this means to you
This project serves as a testimony to the promise that we make - If you can envision it–we can Eclipse it!

A combination of outstanding craftsmanship and superb technology blended with team initiative conceived what we believe is Australia’s first operable dual-purpose opening roof/security screen system!

  • Product: Eclipse Classic - Residential
  • Suburb: Lurgarno
  • Built: 21-May-2012

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