Camden - Alfresco elegance

  • Camden - Eclipse Alfresco - lighting option for evening entertaining
  • Camden - Eclipse Alfresco - lighting option for evening entertaining


Alfresco elegance

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Brief: The client had recently moved into this new home and the need for an outdoor multipurpose are soon became apparent. For both versatility and economy the client suggested a combination of opening roof that was complemented with an all-weather covered area. Again, the requirement was to architecturally complement the existing dwelling whilst maximising the usability of the outdoor area whilst providing natural light to the adjacent kitchen. The client also wanted discrete lighting to be incorporated into the structure

Solution: After consultation and discussion it was decided that an area with an adjustable louvre section combined with an area of insulated roof panels would give the desired outcome in the most efficient manner. When the area containing the new Alfresco louvre the was closed it complemented the appearance of the insulated roof panel. An advantage of having the louvres located adjacent to the kitchen meant that there was no loss of natural light and also during the summer months allowed hot air to escape. Having the louvres opened but angled to provide shade in summer also created a natural cooling (allowing the hot air to escape). The fixed roofed utilised insulted material, however, to provide movement of air in the hot summer months a fan was installed. Our 1.0W LED’s were incorporated into the framework and the client was extremely happy with the outcome. To make the structure as seamless as possible the client had Opening Roof Specialists to install the footing for the columns so that paving could then run seamlessly to them.

  • Product: Eclipse Classic - Residential
  • Suburb: Camden
  • Built: 14-Oct-2013

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