Homeowners - the Eclipse Opening Roof will enhance your outdoor entertainment area and add more charm and investment value to your home!


If you're seriously considering an opening roof for your home or office, then we can offer you the best fit and also the most minimum-hassle installation.



1. An opening roof is like a pair of shoes

you must get the right fit and style!


2. Custom designed

Our Eclipse Opening Roofs are all custom-built and engineered to complement the unique architecture of buildings, outdoor areas and business offices.


3. Free consultation

We'll sit down with you and your partner to help you decide whether the Eclipse is right for you and your family. We won't try to sell you the Eclipse because frankly, our system is not for everyone.

4. Building permits

We know how frustrating paperwork can be .. we handle all council and building permits as well as another other legal requirements.



Any shape or size is possible with the Eclipse!


The Eclipse Opening and Closing Roof can be designed as a stand-alone roofing structure - either free standing or attached to a building - or be incorporated into an existing structure. It can also be built as single sections or in multiple sections to cover large areas - the possibilities are almost limitless. View our image gallery featuring our latest projects.

Do you still have questions about the Eclipse Opening Roof?

Why not book a free no-obligation consultation with one our design consultants to address your questions and learn about your options.

Simply Call (02) 8708 1510 or send us an email here for more information.

Download our Eclipse Opening Roof product brochure here


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