Builders - deliver your customers control of sun, shade and light, and rain protection with the Eclipse Opening Roof!


Now we can supply the Eclipse Opening Roof materials so that you can install the roofs yourself for you clients!

We can offer you two options:

1. We provide custom DIY Eclipse Opening Roof Kits with full instructions.

2. Our professional team can take care of the entire installation (including permits, paperwork) for you.



1. Applications

The Eclipse Opening Roof can be used to cover, pools, patios, conservatories, restaurants, outdoor eateries and verandas. It can also be used to provide shade and windbreaks.


2. Flexible installation

The Eclipse Opening Roofs can be constructed in many orientations:
• Flat
• Pitched
• Angular
• Vertical


3. Easy Operation

The Eclipse louvres are operated by our Chameleon Control system and comes standard with a rain sensor.

4. Solid aluminium construction

The Eclipse louvres are extruded from architectural grade aluminium that has a tough powder coat finish and over 60 colour options.



Any shape or size is possible with the Eclipse!


The Eclipse Opening and Closing Roof can be designed as a stand-alone roofing structure - either free standing or attached to a building - or be incorporated into an existing structure. It can also be built as single sections or in multiple sections to cover large areas - the possibilities are almost limitless. View our image gallery featuring our latest projects.

Do you still have questions about the Eclipse Opening Roof?

Simply Call (02) 8708 1510 or send us an email here for more information.

Download our builders kit here


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