The Opening Roof Specialists Control Systems Overview


Choose between our three control systems



Weather Control System

Cat5 hard wired wall mounted touch pad for 1-8 motors with optional rain sensor


Hand Held Remote System

convenient hand held remote control to manage up to 4 motors and two 1 watt LED light circuits with up to 20 lamps per circuit and rain sensor as standard. 


Chameleon Control

For more information on the Chameleon Control
  Click here.

Louvre Control Options

We have three operating control systems for the Eclipse Opening Roof. Choose an option that suits your requirements.


Wall Switch
Remote Control
Rain Sensor
Auto Re-open (after Rain)
Home Automation (compatible)
1W LED Downlights
4W LED Downlights (dimmable)
Wi-Fi compatible device control
12V-Direct Drive Motor
24V Linear Actuator Motor

Weather Control


Horizon Control


Chameleon Control



Complete control - Open and Close as you wish!


Speak with one of our design consultants to decide on the level of control you require for your Eclipse Opening and Closing Roof.

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