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Do your louvres provide privacy?

Yes. Our Sun Louvres have privacy settings for balconies and patios. The louvres come as fixed or operable. 

How do you keep the insects away when the roof is open?

We have developed a special screening system that can be fitted over the top of the roof to prevent insects from flying in or crawling through the top!

I want to build it myself – can you supply the materials?

Yes. We provide custom DIY kits with full instructions. 

Is the Eclipse Opening Roof suitable for small or large areas?

Both. Large areas can be divided into sections, all controlled with a single controller. 

My building is not a typical construction – would the louvres still work?

Yes. In most cases, the louvres will still operate properly. The Eclipse Opening Roof is a flexible system – see our project gallery for our past projects. 

What are the advantages of an Eclipse Opening Roof system?

There are many advantages. Our system helps control wind, light and glare; it shades the building without blocking out light into adjoining rooms; the louvres provide ventilation – great on hot days; it keeps the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter thus conserving energy cost; it enhances outdoor experiences; it offers louvre positioning options that can be positioned for optimal light manipulation; it increases the investment value of your property. 

What colours can I choose from for my opening roof?

You can choose from over 60 powder coated finish colours and an anodised finish where required. For best aesthetic effect we recommend that the louvres be finished in a colour similar to the eaves which. Supporting material (i.e. beams and posts) can also be manufactured to suit. 

What is a powder coated finish?

Powder coating is tougher than conventional paint. It’s a special process of applying dry-powder paint electrostatically, then curing the surface to create a hard finish. This finish is typically used for modern aluminium windows, doors and pool fencing.

What is an anodised finish?

Anodising is a treatment process used to toughen metal parts and is available in clear or coloured finishes. In our experience, an aluminium powder coated finish is the most elegant and consistent finish. 

What’s the maximum area that your roof system can cover?

Unlimited. The Eclipse System has been designed to be completely flexible so it can be customised to cover a small patio to a football ground, and more.

Will It rust?

NEVER! Our product is made out of aluminium and will not rust.

Will the Eclipse Opening Roof make my rooms dark when closed?

The benefit of the system is that you can leave the roof open. In times of rain the roof can remain partially open to allow light to come in. 

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